Step 1

Browse our product catalog and search for products you require. All price are based on Ex-Work term. If you require other terms, please inform us by submitting an enquiry form.

Step 2

Decide the quantity you require. As we are an exporter we require you to order at least one 20 foot container with one or a combination of our products. This does not apply for our machinery, otherwise additional freight charge may required. However, you can calculate space available by yourself or we can help you to calculate it for free, please let us know by sending us an inquiry form.

Step 3

Place an order by submitting an order form. Please ensure that you have filled all the necessary fields. If you have any enquiry about our products, please feel free to contact us and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Step 4

After we receive your order, we will then process and send you a pro forma invoice. If you agree to pay under TT term(Telegraphic Transfer), you may transfer the money to our bank account on the date required. After we receive your payment, we then can deliver the goods to you straight away. However, if you agree to pay under LC term, you can use the pro forma invoice to create an LC with your bank. As soon as all documentary is done we’ll proceed to deliver the goods to you.